Австралийские Антарктические Территории
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50th Anniversary First Flight over the South Pole. 1979. 20 cent Richard Byrd, Plane and Map. 55 cent Richard Byrd, Plane and Mountain. On November 29th 1929, Richard Byrd (1888-1957) and his three companions, Bernt Balchen, Harold June and Ashley McKinley became the first men to fly over the South Pole. Three years earlier, Byrd and Floyd Bennett were the first to fly over the North Pole. On the South Pole flight, Byrd used an all-metal Ford tri-motor airplane called the "Floyd Bennett", in honor of his Arctic companion.

Antarctic Ships. 1979. 5 cent M.V. Thala Dan. 20 cent R.R.S. Discovery II. 25 cent S.S. Endurance. 30 cent S.S. Fram. 55 cent S.Y. Discovery.
1980. 1 cent S.Y. Aurora. 15 cent Morning (incorrectly inscribed S.Y. Nimrod). 22 cent R.Y.S. Terra Nova. 35 cent M.S. Nella Dan. $1 H.M.S. Resolution.
1981. 2 cent R.Y. Penola. 10 cent H.M.S. Challenger. 15 cent S.Y. Nimrod. 40 cent M.S. Kista Dan. 45 cent L'Astrolabe. 50 cent S.S. Norvegia.