Фолклендские острова
Falkland Islands Dependances
[1944-53] [1954-56] [2000] [FDC] [AEROGRAMMES]

Four Hundredth Anniversary of the first sighting of the Falkland Islands

Issue Date: 14th August 1992

West Yorkshire Regiment & Falkland Islands Defence Force

Issue Date: 1st Oct 1992

Gulls and Terns

Issue Date: 2nd January 1993

Visit of the Q.E.2 to the Falkland Islands

Issue Date: 22nd January 1993

75th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force

Issue Date: 1st April 1993


Issue Date: 1st July 1993

SS Great Britain 150th Anniversary

Issue Date: 19th July 1993


Issue Date: 1st October 1993


Issue Date: 1st December 1993

Inshore Marine Life

Issue Date: 4th April 1994

150th Anniversary of the Founding of Stanley

Issue Date: 1st July 1994

Sandbeaches & Transport

Issue Date: 24th October 1994

South American Missionary Society

Issue Date: 1st December 1994

Traditional Flowering Shrubs

Issue Date: 3rd January 1995

50th Anniversary of the end of World War II

Issue Date: 8th May 1995

Transporting Peat

Issue Date: 1st August 1995

Introduced Wild Animals

Issue Date: 6th November 1995

Visit of HRH The Princess Royal

Issue Date: 30th January 1996

Last Day of Use of Port Stanley Postmark

Issue Date: 1st March 1996

Refuelling Changeover from C1K Hercules Tankers to VC10 K2 Tanker

Issue Date: 22nd March 1996

70th Birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II

Issue Date: 21st April 1996


Issue Date: 8th June 1996

Beaked Whales

Issue Date: 2nd September 1996

Magellanic Penguin

Issue Date: 2nd January 1997

Golden Wedding

Issue Date: 10th July 1997