Bulgarian scientific expedition Tangra 2004/05 that is taking place as part of the forthcoming XIII National Antarctic Campaign in November 2004 - January 2005.
The expedition is to traverse, survey and map Tangra Mountains on Livingston Island, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica.

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Have you ever heard about Bulgarian Antarctic expedition? I am sure that answer is no.
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First Bulgarian Antarctic expedition took place in 1988. Two scientists worked on project with British Antarctic Survey. In the same year other four scientists transported with Russian ice-breaker "Michail Somov" two houses. They were put together on Livingston Island.
The second Bulgarian expedition was held after five years break from November 1993 till March 1994. We were transported by oceanography ship "Hesperides" and we would like to thank Spain for this.
In September 1994 Bulgarian polar base "St. Kliment Ochridski was official proclaimed with President decree ". From then up to now every year in two months time 14 scientific in the field of Earth Science, Life Science and Human Medicine have been working there. Official Antarctic Post Office - 1090 was opened in December 1994.

Christo Pimpirev

Director of Bulgarian Antarctic Institute

Bulgaria is a Consultative Member of the Antarctic Treaty, Member of COMNAP(Committee of Managers of the National Antarctic Programmes) and Asociate Member of SCAR(Scientific Committe of Antarctic Research).

Used cachets Expedition number Season
N/A First 1988
N/A Second 1993/1994
Third 1994/1995


Fourth 1995/1996


Fifth 1996/1997


Sixth 1996/1997


Seventh 1998/1999


Eighth 1999/2000


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